Refund Policy


Since this involves the Government department and payment to the government for availing the services orders once placed will not be refunded. We apply to the ATIP, Canada as soon as we receive your payment since that is non-refundable in nature this rule applies. GCMS notes once issued can't be returned due to the sensitive information it contains.


All transactions are non-refundable. This includes cases where the requested information is delayed or refused by federal agencies under any sections of the act. Only in exceptional cases where a payment has been made, but the request has not yet been filed with a federal agency, we may consider a refund on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the reason cited for seeking the refund.


This is an electronic document and sent directly to your given email id hence there are no shipping charges to that. If you require a hard copy of the same then the applicable shipping and stationery charges will be borne by you.

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